Daily Blog #50: Zeke’s Suspension

Yesterday, Ezekiel Elliot got suspended for the first 6 games for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, and obviously, he’s not too happy.

Fantasy Football

I’m not going to lie and say I love watching Zeke play. I actually hate pretty much everything about the guy. Ohio State is a shithole, his attempt at fashion with the crop top thing is laughable, he’s allegedly had some violence issues, and the Cowboys overall are a despicable franchise, not “America’s Team”. But I’ll admit, I took a chance on Zeke in the first round of last years’ draft and it paid DIVIDENDS. Granted, it’s mostly due to the elite o-line they’ve got in Dallas, but you couldn’t stick Marion Barber in there and get the same result: 1,631 rushing yards (1st) and 15 rushing TD’s (3rd). If the suspension is lessened, I’d still probably draft him first round, but if it sticks, I’m looking at 3rd-4th at best.


From a fantasy perspective, I don’t know if the backups are worth the reach. It’s not like the Cowboys are suddenly going to start chucking it 35-40 times a game with Dak, they’re not that kind of team and he’s not that type of QB. But Darren McFadden, while he cracked 1,000 last year, hadn’t done jack since 2010. I’m also a big fan of Alfred Morris, as he carried my fantasy team in 2012 but I haven’t heard his named called in at least three years, which isn’t too impressive coming from the Redskins camp. It’s not that they won’t produce, anyone with any ounce of talent would with that o-line, but my whole question is how much time will each backup get, how effective can either be at 29 and 28 respectively, and is it really enough to garner a 1-4 round pick for only 6 weeks (maybe even less depending).


He’ll appeal the six games, and it’ll probably be reduced to 3-4 (*cough* Patriots *cough*), but still this sucks for anyone who does fantasy (as nobody outside of Dallas, Columbus, and degenerates give a fuck about him). As much as people say it’ll have an impact on the Cowboys NFC East/Wildcard chances, I think they still run away with it on the backs of Dak, Dez, and whichever old backup running back they choose to use.

I realize I’m small and what not, but I’m not even going to touch on the domestic abuse/violence shit as that’s the kind of stuff that gets bloggers sued for slander and what not. Bottom line, if it happened, it’s wrong and he deserves this, but if what he claims is true and he didn’t it’s obviously a bit harsh and definitely has something to do with the whole St. Patrick’s Day incident. I don’t usually see eye-to-eye with everything the NFL does, but in this situation, better safe than sorry as you don’t want to come off as a league that gets pushed around on very sensitive topics.

Until tomorrow.

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