Daily Blog #46: Arsenal Actually Win Something… The Community Shield

I’m going to try and not complain so much this blog as it’s technically a happy occasion, but at the same time, I’m a realist, and who actually gives a shit about the Community Shield. In the post-Invincibles era of Arsenal footy, it seems the only thing the club can do is either finish top 4, or win the FA Cup/Community Shield. Speaking of, I now have to watch my beloved Gunners in the mother fucking Europa League against clubs I’ve never heard of from countries I didn’t even know had leagues. But back to what I said earlier, not all is lost, we won the FA Cup and subsequently the Community Shield… which would matter if this was the 80s and it wasn’t the only thing the squad actually showed up for. Even still, it’s another trophy to add to the collection and hopefully a good way to kick of the 2018 season, even though this has happened 2/3 seasons and look how that worked out for us.


Ha, nice try Willian and whatever Arsenal Fan TV wannabe Twitter account this is. Looks like those diving lessons you took with Ashley Young haven’t helped a whole lot.


I actually don’t mind Pedro as a player but because he plays for Chelsea I have to hate him. Regardless, I’ve never understood how this Bane-looking mask thing helps prevent injuries or helps to keep a healing injury in check. It’s literally a piece of plastic with elastic holding it to your face, how does that make any sense.

I’m usually not a big fan of the free kick chipped over the top attempt on goal but with the Blues a man down post-Pedro getting sent off, I guess it makes sense. I guess it’s unrelated but it’s also astonishing to me how big Sead’s biceps are. I mean for a fullback it doesn’t really matter all that much, but still it’s nice to see a soccer player with some muscle definition somewhere other than their legs.

Until tomorrow.

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