Wake Up To: The Biggie Revival Pt. I

This isn’t any indictment on Biggie’s work as in my eyes, he’s the GOAT. Nevertheless, the reality of the music industry, whether you accept it or not is that there are some songs that are flat out better when remixed with an edm/tropical house beat behind them. For many of Biggie’s songs, I would say this isn’t the case. However, his song “Can I Get Witcha” off his first posthumous album, Born Again is probably the greatest ‘old school’ (rap) remixed song since R. Kelly chose to ditch the OG ‘Ignition’ take for the remix (just as a side note, fuck that guy, shoutout Vic Mensa the Chicago kid, skip to 1:15).

RIP Biggie, the rap game has and will never reach the heights you and Tupac brought it to in the 90’s, but tropical house remixes of old songs will certainly help bring the music you made for the world to the masses.


“My name ain’t Tupac, I don’t get around” — HOF line right there from an absolutely unknown song, long live bro, long live.

There’s so much remixed Biggie that I’m sure I’ll be doing pt. II, III, and IV, but that’s for another time (for when I forget to do it).

Until tomorrow.

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