Wake Up To: So I Guess Eminem is Funny

You know when it’s 1am and you take a step back from your computer and wonder what the fuck you’ve been watching for the past hour and a half? Yeah, that’s me when I found this video. I don’t know how one stumbles upon “Eminem Back To School(FUNNY)” but apparently 1.9 million people are in the same boat as I am. I mean really, who’s searching ‘Eminem funny’, the dude’s the most respected rapper still in the game and probably one of the overall hardest rappers alive. He doesn’t really give off that ‘ha ha’ persona, so when I found this, I was pleasantly surprised.

I can tell this is a skit of some sort, but at almost 8 minutes long, its getting to actual production levels, which brings me to my next point. Who in their right mind would say ‘yeah, I want to make a skit that has a comedic take on school with rappers and I want that rapper to be formerly drug addicted 8 Mile, Detroit rapper Marshall Mathers aka Eminem.’ See what I mean? It’s confusing, but hey it’s funny so who really gives a shit if Eminem fucks over his hardo image he worked to mold for YEARS as he’s white.

Not sure if he’s fucked up on every drug imaginable or clean sober in this, but I’d guess the first as a successful sober person would never think of this as a good idea.

HOF ‘Drugs on TV’ moment right there. I don’t condone it, but it’s sure funny when he does it and it’s blatantly obvious.

Until tomorrow.

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