Daily Blog #40: Oh Adidas, When Will You Learn.



Everyone knows I’m 100p behind pretty much everything LaVar Ball does almost to a flaw and this time is no different (for the most part).

For the few of you who don’t know as ESPN and every other major news outlet blows every Ball-related story out of proportion x1000, here’s the hyper-shortened version. 1. Adidas pulled an AAU female ref mid-game after she called a ‘T’ on LaVar/LaMelo. 2. Following, it was released that Adidas would be selecting referees who would be keep the game moving despite Lavar’s tirades. 3. Finally, today, it was announced that the refs’ union that supplied officials for the event would be cutting ties with Adidas, terminating a five-year relationship, citing Lavar’s ‘misogynistic’ comments and Adidas lack of respect for the game as reasons for the break.

First, the fact that that ref was a woman has nothing to do with anything. Var’s been recorded numerous times bitching out male ref’s for similar things. I know I’m going to come off as a misogynistic by supporting LaVar, but he brings up a good point. Everyone get’s mad at refs and says shit they shouldn’t, so why is this situation any different? I don’t necessarily think he’s right to be saying she’s trying to make a name for herself, she’s a fucking referee, but even still, coaches are always heated on the sideline regardless of the situation. “I don’t care if you’re a woman, or a man or whatever, just be good at what you do.” Like I said, while I don’t know him personally, it seems like he would say this kinda shit to pretty much anyone who gives him a tech. Case-in-point, he actually took his team off earlier in the tournament and just took the ‘L’ (video above). The refs in that game were MALE and he was just as furious.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.41.37 PM.png

In this situation, I don’t know if there’s anything to be said from the Ball’s camp in retaliation as he literally didn’t do anything wrong. As I said before, all the shit he ranted about and did is completely consistent with his persona both on and off the court. So really, what else did you expect? At this point I’m just defending my guy, but he really is a target. People don’t like him, that’s a fact. It started off with the Lonzo v. Steph/LaVar v. MJ shit and somehow, it’s escaped to LaVar Ball hates women, is a misogynistic asshole, and is an overall shitty basketball mind and father. In my mind, that’s just wrong. For one, all the media see of his personal life is what he chooses to let them see, and that’s how it should be. In terms of draws aside from him, Melo’s the #8 overall prospect for 2019 (#1 PG) and is already committed to one of the nations top programs in UCLA. So when you ask yourself ‘why is the event so oversold’ and questions like that, just please take a second to step back and look at the big picture.

I think it’s wrong that Adidas pulled the female ref post-tech. If they wanted to show they stood up for the integrity of the game, they 100% should’ve kept her in there even if it resulted in a forfeit from BBB. In the media’s eyes (and 99% of Americans) if that alternate option were to do that, you’re heroes. Final point. As much as I hate to say this, cooperating with LaVar’s demands and in turn continuing to feed the monster is basically a basketball equivalent to voluntarily giving crack to an addict. I’m not likening LaVar Ball, BBB, or any of the Ball family or associates to crack addicts as that’s fucking insane, more, it’s the fact that if someone can get away with something once without repercussions and in this case is actually encouraged by the promoting sponsor via their actions, they’re going to continue to do it until something changes.

Overall, in my mind, this one’s on Adidas. Keep doing you LaVar, be the hero basketball needs you to be. I, and Big Baller Nation have your back 110%.

Until tomorrow.

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