No lie, if I had to pick one comedy story as my favorite, it’s Bert Kreischer’s The Russian Mafia Story from his special THE MACHINEĀ in 2012 (Year). Let me make it clear, I don’t condone, nor do I think I will do any of the things he said he did in Russia, but just keep in the Siberian wasteland of a country we’re talking about here.

Is this story fictional? Honestly, probably, but I’d like to believe otherwise. Doing a little research on our main man Bert, I found out he an ATO at Florida State University (which is obviously a top house as there’s an entire video with hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube)… for 6 YEARS. I mean, while I’d be killed for even doing an extra 5th year, I don’t blame someone wanting to do two at FSU. Overall, while I am biased as I love this video, he probably stretched the truth and added little bits and pieces at lulls to make it the masterpiece you see before you today.

Can’t believe I found a way to include a fraternity house tour in the blog. The world works in mysterious ways.

Until tomorrow.

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