Wake Up To: Little Fan Getting Pulverized by Foul Ball

If you’re reading this from Saturday, July 29th 2017 onward, I’ve changed up my stance on this, hence why it’s a different blog. If you know me, you know I usually don’t back down from the things I say as I’m maybe the most opinionated, prejudiced sports fan you’ll ever meet (not in a good way). At first, I found it funny, which looking back, is an awful, insensitive, punk-millenial thing to do and think. So if somehow this finds it’s way to the family of that poor fan and you’ve seen my initial blog, I’m sorry, I was wrong and I don’t mean any offense and truly I hope your son is doing okay.

So with foul balls you’ve got your catching balls with babies, beer, and of course, in the NLCS when they’re about to be caught by Moises Alou, thereby marking you down as the most hated figure of all time in Cubs lore. But I’m not mad, nah, definitely come back Steve Bartman, we won’t do bad things to you. In all seriousness, I think this takes the cake, I can’t tell which team this little fan supports, but regardless, I feel bad for this kid. At the same time though, I’ll give it to him, at least he’s there. One of the worst things ever is when people start leaving games early. I know it’s the Sox, but crazier things have happened folks. You already paid to see this game, it’s the biggest series of the year for both teams (barring postseason play), so why leave?

While I laughed the first couple times, I feel no remorse for watching this video almost 100 times. This will sound harsh but I guess the lesson here is to keep your head on a swivel. With that having been said, I hope this isn’t the case, but I’m pretty sure that kid’s got a concussion. I mean, the ball bounced off his forehead with so much force that it actually went back onto the field. Overall though, I truly hope he’s okay, when stuff like this happens, it rarely ends well so my thoughts and prayers go out to this kids’ family.

Oh, and again, fuck you Steve Bartman. I haven’t forgotten about you quite yet. There’s no fucking way Moises doesn’t catch that ball.

Until tomorrow.

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