Wake Up To: Donald Glovers Stand Up (Weirdo, 2012)

Pretty worth the hour and five eh? It’s not super hard to keep up at night. Conversely, (if this makes any sense whatsoever) it is very hard to keep me attentive to one particular thing at night. It’s been established Donald Glover’s a certified genius, that’s not debatable. NYU grad, 30 Rock writer, actor on Community, Spider Man lead role, his own TV show, Atlanta, successful rap career (Childish Gambino), the list goes on and on. However, last night I was pleasantly surprised by the start-to-finish quality of his standup in 2012. It’s not that I didn’t know he did standup, I just thought he wasn’t funny and that people overhyped him cause he’s a genius and that’s what you’re supposed to do/think.

I won’t get too critical as nobody wants that shit at 8am on a Wednesday (and nobody would agree either) as I’m a actually a huge fanboy of his, but like I mentioned before, I didn’t expect him to be even remotely as charismatic as he was in this and I’ll tell ya why. Like I said, I love Glover/Bino as a whole overall, but I’m not his biggest cheerleader when it comes to his current disgruntled, misunderstood/misinterpreted artist persona. Also, there’s no fucking way Bino peaked with “Awaken, My Love!”. That hipster psychedelic soul fuck bullshit or whatever it is was fucking garbage aside from all the memes Redbone produced.

Bring Childish our of retirement Don, the world needs more.

Until tomorrow.

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