Daily Blog #27: Paul Pierce is a Celtic once again.

My Hatred

The Bulls are and always will be my favorite team. However, if you followed the Bulls during the 2000’s, you know they were absolutely fucking awful. If you don’t believe me and/or don’t remember, look at the fucking rosters. Our best player was Ben Fucking Gordon. Many of you probably don’t know who that is, but to put it bluntly, Ben was probably one of the streakiest shooters ever and his trash ass in now in the G-League. You also know when the most impressive GIF you can find is a player doing a pump fake and taking a jumper that he wasn’t a great star player.

It was during that time that my hatred for that piece of shit Paul Pierce began. For reasons I can’t really completely explain, I hated, and still hate, the Celtics with a burning passion. Maybe it’s the green unis, or the cocky piece of shit hooligan fans. Or maybe it’s that piece of shit called the TD Garden they call an arena. Ultimately, I think I hated them because they were good and the Bulls weren’t, but that’s beside the point.

Y’all are fuckin’ idiots

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 9.10.21 PM.png

Paul Pierce proclaiming himself a “Celtic for life” after he and KG were traded to, of all teams, the Brooklyn fucking Nets is pathetic. Look at these fucking stats, why would you EVER trade someone with that kind of production: 16.5+ every season with the C’s, 20+ 8/15 seasons, and 5+ boards/game every season but one. While I wasn’t in Boston to experience it first hand, I’m pretty sure the general consensus was, nobody gave a shit, which is pathetic to say the least. Why anyone would EVER forgive a franchise who traded him and another cornerstone of the franchise for failed draft pics is a fucking kook.


I know what you’re thinking, Luke, you’re being too hard on The Truth and the Celtics. 1. I’m not, Celtics fans are the fucking worst, and 2. Paul Pierce was, and probably still is, a fucking douche. So stop fucking kidding yourself that he was okay with leaving because both sides benefitted exponentially from the trade. They didn’t. If they cared about you like the Boston legends of old (Russell, Havlicek, Bird, McHale, Jones), they would’ve kept you around NO MATTER WHAT. They didn’t.

I’ll also bet any fucking money he joins that team as an ambassador of some sort. No free agent is going to say, “Wow that Paul Pierce guy sure was charismatic. He played a big role in my coming to Boston”. A Compton and Kansas education may get you to the NBA, but it doesn’t get you a whole lot more than that (no offense to people I know who go/have gone to KU, Bill Self ruined Kansas for me forever). Anyways, unless you’re trying to attract DeMar DeRozan or about two dozen rappers to your team, I don’t know how Paul Pierce could ever help you team. “He’s baaaaaaack”… go fucking die Celtics. You care enough to post 5 times on Twitter but not enough to actually bring him back for a year for his farewell tour. It’s not even like he was bad, just bring him in as a three point shooter on the vets minimum. Smh, c’mon C’s, I see right though your shit.

Yes, yes, I know, get to the fucking point Luke. Anyways, this move from Paul Pierce fucking sucks. Maybe it’s just my advertising/marketing-wired brain, but in my mind, this is just some sort of PR stunt to get back into the news/the good graces of Celtics fans. Though this sounds blasphemous thinking about it now, before his farewell tour, I forgot Paul Pierce was even in the NBA. Granted, he was unbelievable as a Celtic, and he’ll probably get his #34 retired, but I just hate this “retiring a (insert team played with the longest)” shit.

I can’t hate on this video though, wired-up NBA players is some of the best shit in all of sports.

Until tomorrow.

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