Daily Blog #24: Lonzo Ball x BBB x Every Shoe Brand Ever

The Obsession

I’ve written five+ blogs on Lonzo and the Ball Clan, which for the record sounds like a bad late 80s, early 90s hip-hop group. As a jersey guy, I now feel obligated to buy a Chinese-knockoff Lonzo jersey. What would be even better than a knockoff Lakers/UCLA would be a BBB Lonzo jersey like those old FUBU jersey from the early 2000s. Absolute fire, 10/10 would buy.

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Lonzo went with Adidas tonight. 👀

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Anyways, as expected, Lonzo’s back with another shoe controversy. Logically, you’d think that after the confused backlash he received post-his wearing purple Nike Kobe Ads v. Philly on Wednesday that he’d make a change. But no, of course not, that’d make too much sense. Instead of sticking with his own personal family brand, BBB, or even two, +Nike, Lonzo rocked the newly released Adidas Harden Vol. 1 LS’s last night v. “The Land”.



I’ll admit, the shoes are fire. On first glance, they’ve got a kind-of Jordan Space Jam 11 vibe, which is never a bad thing. In addition, like the game before with King James, Lonzo got an Instagram shoutout from the man behind the shoes, James Harden.

But how are Lavar and the brand viewing this controversy? Don’t worry, Big Baller Brand isn’t worried in the slightest. In fact, according to his postgame interview with Lonzo, BBB actually welcomes him wearing other brands… and apparently is also open to giving out free advertising of the highest order, on-court/in-game/on-player branding, to their biggest rivals.

Luke’s Brain Trying to Make Sense of it:

This is all very interesting stuff, but it doesn’t quit add up:

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Just. Do. It

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Create for the culture.

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Point A: It’s not like Big Baller Brand or Lonzo need a boost in social media following, so that nixes the LeBron and Harden shoutouts meaning anything.

Point B: Lavar and BBB don’t care that he wears rival brands on-court. Probably… definitely lies, but when he’s wearing BBB merch 99% of the time he’s off the court, especially during his back-to-back triple-double postgame interviews, I could see that POV. He apparently also actually went to class, as it’s pretty apparent he runs BBB’s social  media too. This adds to my theory that ‘the brand, the brand, the brand’ isn’t doing too hot at the moment.


Point C: Lonzo, based on his: ridiculous shooting form, passing excellence, high basketball IQ, crazy tall height for a 1, and scripted robot-like interview answers, all signs point to the fact that he is, intact, a 2K “Create-A-Player”. This explains why he’s wearing every different brand, he’s still young and inexperienced in-game, meaning he hasn’t signed for Nike or Jordan, because apparently those are the only two basketball footwear brands in the universe. If I’m honest, this 2K created player looks more like Gelo than Zo, but I digress.


Point D: Lavar is away at AAU (pussy ball players) tourneys. For this, the classic “I didn’t know it wasn’t okay” or “ask for forgiveness, not permission” phrases come to mind. Lonzo hasn’t yet felt the wrath of Lavar and BBB marketing execs from his sneaker stunts. Also confirmed: Lavar is definitely a Big Baller in more ways than one…

Point E: BBB (basically) is Lonzo. Keeping that top of mind, if he makes more money via bigger contracts playing well in other brands’ sneakers, not only does that make a big money collab more likely, but also that the company directly improves in the same sense/accordingly.

“Stay Tuned”

God help us all if Zo shows up to his next game wearing Currys, or whatever other garbage Under Armour calls basketball shoes now.

Regardless of what shoes he wears, one things’ for certain, he’s going to be fucking incredible.

Until tomorrow.

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