Daily Blog #23.whatever: Bah Gawd BP3’s signin’ with the Spurs


Although streaky and very frustrating at time, Brandon Paul was the fucking man during his time at Illinois. His 43 points v. then-#3 Ohio State in 2012 is definitely one of my favorite Illinois basketball moments EVER. In the grand scheme of things, it’s probably second or third to the ’05 comeback v. Arizona in the tournament and, of course, Tyler Griffey’s fateful game-winning open layup in 2013 v. then-#1 ranked Indiana at Assembly Hall in Champaign. Can we also take a second to marvel at the obviously very expensive AV/recording equipment utilized in the filming and compiling of this highlight tape? Absolutely stunning graphics. You can really tell the University puts a lot of money into their athletic department.

The Mavs


What’s surprising to me is not the fact that he got signed. He definitely deserved it, which is why the fact that the “rebuilding” Mavs didn’t sign him after he averaged nearly 16 and 5 while on their Summer League squad is remarkable to me.

The Many Teams of BP3






I don’t want to sound like a buzzkill when I say this as I love, and will always cheer for Illini basketball as well as any and all players in whatever stage of pro basketball they sign into. Keeping it real though, I feel like, at least in recent memory, nearly every year the process looks something like this with ex-Illinois players: get signed during summer league, make regular season roster, get waived/cut/traded during season.

San Antonio’s bench mob is starting to come together this offseason, especially with the new addition of BP3. In more real news, I’m very happy about this signing because now I have an excuse to buy another Chinese knockoff. Thank God for Dhgate and AliExpress.

Here’s the highlight tape from BP3’s 43 point game v. OSU. Kid was, and still is, a fucking machine.

Until tomorrow.

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