There’s not a chance in hell you watched the Lakers v. Sixers Summer League game last night for a variety of reasons:

  1. It started at like 10pm CST. NBA, why do you do this shit?
  2. Nobody actually cares enough about the Summer League to watch it live.
  3. Both of these teams are going to suck in the regular season and everyone will forget they exist aside from real fans from the actual cities.

As far as the contents of the game go, I’m conflicted. On one side, Lonzo dropped 36, 8, and 11 on “The Process”. That’s great, I’m happy for both him, and me, mostly because, hopefully, this finally shuts up the doubters who’ve been chirping me for weeks now. The major flipside of all this is the fact that Lonzo wasn’t wearing his signature BBB ZO2’s his pops worked so hard to create and promote. In advertising, if you want $$$, there’s a lot you can do. At the core though is brand exposure, aka getting your brand out there and known by the masses. Right now, the primary medium that’s though is Lonzo Ball. While Lavar could probably carry the brand along for a while without him, in the long-term without Lonzo, simply, BBB is fucked.

Here’s a live look at literally everyone right now. Although I will admit, the all-purple Kobe’s are kinda tight in their own Lakers-kinda way. I can’t imaging what Lavar’s face is going to look like when he realizes Lonzo didn’t wear the $495 shoes made specifically for him.

At the end of the day, who cares what shoes he wears on the court. I’d, and I’m sure his family would agree, rather see him stay fit by any means necessary, even if the Ball lifestyle brand, BBB, goes farther and farther down the shitter.

Yes, I also realize I’m 129 words over the 200 word cutoff I set for myself, sue me.

Key Takeaway: Fuck the haters, Big Ballers for life.

Until tomorrow.

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