Daily Blog #19: Markelle Fultz is injured because OF COURSE he is.

I don’t mean to sound like a dick but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA get fucking bent Sixers fans. This is what happens when you @ Lavar Ball, that and a $10,000 fine. Stockpiling picks is stupid when you have a track record of them either not working out or getting injured.


Of fucking course this happened. Why would you ever think fate would fall any different for the Sixers. I would also make a Derrick Rose reference/joke right about now, but I think 53 TOTAL GAMES played by 1st round draft picks over the past five drafts is punishment enough. Jah doesn’t even start anymore, so those games really don’t mean anything in the grand of scheme of things.


My solution for all this is now four-pronged.

  1. Spend money on actually good free agents, not people like JJ Redick or Amir Johnson.
  2. Abandon 1st round draft picks and the “Process” by not tanking and trading all your assets for draft picks that just end up getting injured
  3. Invest in some better doctors and athletic trainers.
  4. Don’t argue every single fucking guy that comes to your team is “actually better than you’d think”. I have no idea what Sixers fans say aside from “Trust the Process” but I feel like that’s in-line with their stupid philosophy.

Derrick Rose’s torn ACL/glass legs > every 76ers injury in the past decade COMBINED.

The Bulls are going to be trash in 2018, but at least all of our draft picks don’t get injured. That’s usually cause they’re just shit. But I digress.

P.S. Fuck the haters, I was so fucking right about Lonzo Ball. 11^3 baby, screw you Elena Delle Donne.

Until tomorrow.

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