Daily Blog #11.5: Reunited and it Feels so Good

As I’m not limiting myself to one/day and I have extra time on my hands (I was bored), I decided fuck it, why not write a second blog today.

I’m convinced Stan Bowman and the Hawks are on a “Mission from God (pronounced Gahd per Chicago accent)” to get the old guard of cup-winning players back together.

Brandon Saad

First, it was Brandon Saad, basically straight up for Artemi Panarin, a move I’ll admit, hit me like a fucking freight train. 2016 ROY, 151 points in two seasons, and part of the infamous Kaner-Panarin-Anisimov line, I thought Artemi was going to be a Blackhawk for a long, long time. I was also almost certain Saad was a lot older than Panarin, but ya can never tell how old these Russians. That brings me to the subject of spending, what the fuck did Brandon Saad spend his millions of dollars on during his two years as a teenager for the Hawks? It’s a super random thought and has nothing to do with anything, but still I now wonder what someone under-21 does in Chicago with millions of dollars. 55G and an overall 106 points in the last two seasons with Columbus is nothing to scoff at.

Patrick Sharp


Next, this morning, it was ex-alternate Captain Patrick Sharp. Chicago tough through-and-though, it’s great to see Sharpy coming back, especially on a reported sub-$1 million deal. Young bucks take note, that’s dedication, that’s how you become a team legend. Perfect hair? Chiseled jawline?Check. Shot? Maybe…? Obviously PSharp will never be what he was for the Hawks from 2006-2015, but nothing can be worse than his performance last season (8G, 10A). At 35 years old, I don’t know how much he’ll be able to contribute to overall team wins. Technically, probably a 3rd liner now, but from a legacy standpoint, I’m sure glad he chose resigned in Chicago.


It just feels right to have some OG Hawks back. Now all we need is Shawzy, Bicks, and Dusty Byfuglien to complete the return. Welcome home boys, lets go for four.

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