Daily Blog #9: Mo Bamba

Are you dumb???


Ibrahim Johnson, whats your fucking problem man? My dude, snitches get stitches and you are in for a world of hurt if these accusations result in repercussions from the NCAA. Mohamed Bamba is your flesh and blood, your kin, your brother, have you never watched literally any road-to-glory basketball movie or NBA draft interview? The first people the star athletes take care of is family. House, car, money, pretty much anything and everything they want, and you’re just throwing that away? Smh bruh.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Mohamed Bamba, a highly touted 5-star recruit of Westtown School in Pennsylvania committed to Texas was recently accused by his brother, Ibrahim Johnson, in a 22 minute long Facebook Live video (above) outing his acceptance of cash and gifts over a prolonged period of time from a financial advisor and mentor. If you’re reading this blog, I’m assuming you have some interest in college basketball but if you don’t know or couldn’t infer by the thousands of articles online, this is strictly prohibited by the NCAA and would result in Bamba not being allowed to play college basketball at all. On the flipside, Greer Love, the mentor in question, claims his relationship with Bamba dates back to 9 years, before he could be classified a student-athlete, nullifying the accusations leveled against him and his protégée. In addition, he claims to have also taken several other precautions to ensure Bamba was adhering to NCAA rules.

Its been reported that Ibrahim and Mo had a falling out over Mo not helping his brother get into grad school at UT. While I have no expertise or knowledge on the subject, I’m pretty sure this is also very illegal.

But even if Bamba could help his brother get into grad school at Texas via his commitment status, what good is that going to do him? If you’re calling your own brother out about a couple hundred dollars a month and other little things, I’m assuming you’re not in the best financial position to pay for grad school at one of the most expensive out-of-state colleges in the country. What were you planning? To have his scholarship expanded to cover your tuition, food, and room & board? Don’t think that’s how that works bud. Another thing I don’t think this dude realizes is that (at least in my mind), colleges are selective for a reason. The more selective the school, the harder the workload will be in terms of schoolwork. While there’s probably a more logical set of explanations for why some colleges are harder to get into than others, I feel like that makes sense. Now let’s look at Ibrahim’s career achievements this far into his life: DII basketball player, obviously the highlight, multiple arrests, and brother of five star recruit. Not the resume that screams the LinkedIn header “Graduate Student at the University of Texas at Austin” to me. If you couldn’t get into school on your own merits, I don’t think you’ll be able to last too long at one of the top public universities in the country.


Let’s say Johnson’s accusations are indeed true, then what? Oh no, either Mo Bamba gets to play in Australia, where he would make money or he pulls a Thon Maker, which I still don’t understand, and ends up a lottery pick in the 2018 NBA draft. Jokes on you bro.

I’m 100% team Bamba + mentor and I”m hoping all of what his mentor has said is indeed true. The tournament just ins’t the same without the signature Shaka Smart full-court press. As for Ibrahim Johnson, I hop ehe gets what’s coming to him and that made his brother will let bygones be bygones and take pity, paying for his eventual plastic surgery.

Until tomorrow.

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