Daily Blog #5: (Yes, another) Bulls Rant

The Jimmy Butler Saga



Couple points:

1. Fuck you Travelle Gaines. Your snakey ass has no right to rip Gar Forman, leave that to Bulls fans who’ve actually had to put up with him for more than 6 years. Also, on the subject of drug dealers, when the fuck did you ever interact with a dangerous drug dealer? You went to a private school in Concord, California, where Tom Fucking Hanks, who’s like, the whitest actor ever is from and where the mean income is $82,000+ (2014). Your drug dealer was probably some Lil Dicky-looking ass motherfucker. Keeping that in mind, yeah, I bet you have met drug dealers with better morals than Gar, it’s really not that hard when you go to a school that costs $18,000/year.

2. Jimmy Butler you’re a fucking idiot. “But I don’t think there will be”. While I agree that there probably drug dealers with better morals than Gar Forman, your fucking trainer had no right to say that. It’s kinda like how you can rip on your family, but if someone else does, its personal.

3. Hey Jimmy Butler, no fucking shit. The last two franchise players the Bulls had were Michael Jordan, 6 rings, 5 MVP’s, etc. and Derrick Rose, 2011 MVP. And this isn’t me completely ripping you, I truly appreciate all the tough defense you put on teams’ #1 option, the many game-winners, and all the charitable work you did in the city of Chicago, but you had quite a lot to live up to and Chicagoans expect a lot.


Again some points:

1. There is a zero percent chance that Gar Forman and John Paxson have any sort of plan for the future. Oh you plan to rebuild through the draft? That’s original, then they didn’t you keep the 16th pick? This is the Gar/Pax combo who gave Rajon Rondo, a player NOBODY was vying for $14 million/year and Dwyane Wade, a player who’ll maybe give you 60 games, 23 million for his first year and 24 million on a player option his second. That’s not to say they haven’t played well, which is still kinda true, but they’re certainly not worth their hefty contracts they obviously negotiated against nobody on *cough* Bears/Mitch Trubisky *cough*.

2. 3 lottery picks? Are you fucking high? While technically Kris Dunn is a lottery pick, after averaging 3.8ppg, 2.4apg, and 2.1rpg over 78 games in 2017, why would you ever consider trading for him? Then there’s Zach LeVine, also technically a lottery pick. In his case, I have no problem with his production: 18.9ppg, 3.0apg, 3.4rpg. The thing that puzzles me, is why the Bulls would take a chance on a guy who literally SHATTERED HIS FUCKING KNEE. ACL injuries aren’t always the end of the world, case in point, Kyle Lowry, Jamal Crawford, and Baron Davis, who were all young when they had their injuries. However, recently, the Bulls had a guy named Derrick Rose, who coincidentally, also tore his ACL… and his left meniscus… and his right meniscus… twice.

Oh, and did I mention he fucking PLAYED ON IT for another 6 minutes? So yeah, pardon my nightmarish flashbacks and excessive doubts on LeVine being a value trade piece.


$6,500+ in two days. And if they don’t reach 15k, it goes to the YMCA, so why the fuck not.

Until tomorrow.


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